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This/ These That/ Those

One apple – two apples

One bird – two birds

One shoe – two shoes

One dolphin – two dolphins

One clown – two clowns

One spider – two spiders

It is a bird.

They’re  birds

He’s a clown.

They’re clowns

You have got a friend.

They have got friends.

Look at the bat.

Look at the bats.

She is a doctor.

They are doctors.

Look at the shark.

Look at the sharks.

էջ 13 առաջադրանք 3

One watch – two watches

One fox – two foxes

One mosquito – two mosquitoes

One bench – two benches

One dress – two dresses

One tomato – two tomatoes

Էջ 16 առաջադրանք 6,7,8

a pen – pens

a bus – ten buses

a woman – two women

a mouse – three mice

a fish – three fishes

a tooth – five teeth

an ox – four bulls

a deer – two deer

a child – two children

a class – three classes

a foot – two foots

a sheep – ten sheep

six tomatoes

four knives

seven apples

nine cakes

eight cherries

two pumpkins

three carrots

five sandwiches

it’s a funny film.

They’re funny films.

He’s a tall man.

They’re tall men.

She’s a good teacher.

they’re good teachers.

Look at the black sheep.

Look at the black sheep.

I’m a nice girl.

we are nice girls.

It’s a pretty baby.

they’re pretty babies.

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